What Are They Thinking?


Last week I was on a plane heading to one conference, and preparing to speak at another. The topic I was given was Helping Students Develop a Passion for the Bible.

I know how this plays out in our own ministry, but turning it into a reproducible system to give to other leaders to have their own success was a tough task. I had been wrestling with where to start and finally at 30,000 feet in the air…I got it.

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I have a simple fill in the blank question that I want you to honestly answer.

“In my life I am most committed to _________.”

What goes in that blank is crucial for a many reasons but the biggest one I can think of is this: it drives everything we do and also tells us what we will chose to let suffer.

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Third Grade Bible Sunday


This Sunday a great tradition continues at HPPC: Third Grade Bible Sunday. We give Bibles to all the 3rd Graders and recognize them in the 11 am Sanctuary service. It’s a good day.
But it’s really not just for the 73 3rd Graders and their parents. This is for all of us because kids of all ages are always watching the adults. They see what we do, hear what we say and notice where we spend our time. Our actions, above all else, speak volumes as to what is important to us, so as parents we must take the job of modeling seriously. The church is here to partner in the practice of demonstrating to our children and youth what it means to love God. The church and parents must hold the scriptures as truth; as the Word of God, the first and final authority for faith and life.

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