Third Grade Bible Sunday


This Sunday a great tradition continues at HPPC: Third Grade Bible Sunday. We give Bibles to all the 3rd Graders and recognize them in the 11 am Sanctuary service. It’s a good day.
But it’s really not just for the 73 3rd Graders and their parents. This is for all of us because kids of all ages are always watching the adults. They see what we do, hear what we say and notice where we spend our time. Our actions, above all else, speak volumes as to what is important to us, so as parents we must take the job of modeling seriously. The church is here to partner in the practice of demonstrating to our children and youth what it means to love God. The church and parents must hold the scriptures as truth; as the Word of God, the first and final authority for faith and life.

So Third Grade Bible Sunday presents a great opportunity to show all students (not just 3rd Graders) the importance of our faith in Christ and our love for God’s Word. It is another time where we, the church, publicly recognize how important these kids are to us and how important God’s Word is to us as well. 3rd Graders are now at an age to remember it! Do you think it means something? Just ask some of the parents who still have the Bible they received from Third Grade Bible Sunday! (I know this is true – one of my staff members still has hers from 1983.)

This is important for the larger church body as well. Remember, we promise at baptism to support our parents as they raise their children to know and love Jesus. This Sunday is one of those days. That is why we are setting aside time in the 11 am Sanctuary service so the larger church body can be a witness and also encourage children and their families to read, study and love the Word of God.

If we all work together, our kids will be surrounded by people who love God’s Word. This is very intentional…

  • Our church family – celebrates Third Grade Bible Sunday; our children receive their first “physical” gift from their church
  • Our children and youth ministry – takes the scriptures seriously. Our Sunday morning curriculum for 1st through 12th Grade is The Gospel Project. All year, our students will look at the Bible, not as a collection of stories, but as the one story of God’s plan to rescue His people from sin and death.
  • Our parents – read the scriptures with their children; and if you are not sure how to do that, Bible 101 – a special class this Wednesday night is from 6-7:30 pm. This class will help parents understand how to share, teach and implement the scriptures in your home every day. Register at

Sometimes it takes our breath away when we hear our kids say or do something that we know came straight from us. Maybe soon it will be taking their Bible to chur

Jim has been working with families in camping and church ministries for over twenty years. He has a master’s degree in Biblical Studies and a Doctorate of Ministry from Dallas Theological Seminary. He has ghost written small group curriculum for Matt Chandler, Tommy Nelson, and Mark Driscoll and is the lead pastor at Rockland Community Church in the hideously grotesque town nestled at the foot of the disgusting Rocky Mountains called Golden, Colorado. (He says that even the wild caribou and buffalo that frolic freely about his property think it’s gross there—they tell him as much while they ice skate on the frozen lake.)

Most importantly, however, Jim is a husband and father of three with a deep desire to help kids hear the truth of the gospel message.

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